I’m upstairs getting Sam dressed. There’s a knock at the front door. This is what I hear:


The door opens. 

Charlee: What can I do for you boys?

Jehovah’s Witness #1: Hi, is your mom here?

Charlee: No, my daddy is. What do you need?

Jehovah’s Witness #2: Can we talk to your daddy?

Pause (likely a dubious look on my daughter’s face). 

Charlee: Are you selling something or what?

Jehovah’s Witness #1: Uh….

Jehovah’s Witness #2: I think we’ll come back later.

Charlee: Have a nice day.

The door SLAMS.


All parents have moments when they’re only sure about one thing — that they’re completely screwing up their kids. But then there are moments like this — when I feel total relief that what I’ve been saying is actually getting through. Hell, it’s almost like there’s nothing left to teach her. Makes a father proud.